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"Due to the farewell release of the so-called 'speedmetal masters' DELIVERANCE, I'd like to share a very personal story of how I once met Ex-DELIVERANCE guitar player George Ochoa back in 2000 (...)."

"In late August 2000 I joined the Sanctuary Reunion Weekend in Los Angeles, California (USA), because I had heard of / or better say read of a possible reunion concert of DELIVERANCE, which actually took place one year later at Cornerstone Festival in 2001. But anyway. So I travelled the long distance to L.A. for two days with a Lufthansa Boing 747-400. It was my first trip to the US, and the first time ever to enter a plane. I was totally 'jetlagged' but I made the best out of 50 hours in L.A.: It was about 10 PM ECT, but 1 PM when I landed at LAX (...).
When I walked on the famous beach of Santa Monica Pier, I was listening to D's song 'After I fell' from their 2nd best record 'River Disturbance' (1994) and I had the impression that I kind of felt the same as Jimmy as he wrote 'I walk the lonely beach as the sun is setting slowly. The wind is blowing, a thought comes to my mind (...)'. Talking about Jimmy, unfortunately, he wasn't there / or he didn't made it in 2000 (and I'm not angry about that), but I had the chance to meet George Ochoa, who invited me in the backstage area to show me THE GUITAR that he played on their famous 'WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE'-Video that got some airplay on MTV's 'Headbanger's Ball' in the early 1990ies. It was quite funny. Just at the time when we were both walking into the backstage area, (during a break between another band would enter the stage) someone played the song 'After Forever' from the 'What a joke' album and George had to smile as he recognized that I was singing along the lines of the song. He talked about his music, how long he plays the guitar, etc. The same night he played with his former band RECON (also with bass player Mike Grato) and as a tribute to DELIVERANCE they end up with an encore: "WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE" and I was just about two metres away from George, so that I could see his guitar playing, which was an inspiration for me because I play the guitar as well, but after seeing George playing the guitar, I wouldn't say that I can play the guitar, it's something different I guess.
Yeah, it was a 'dream come true'-moment for a 21-year old mosh-head from Germany. And it was a great weekend. I met Aaron Guerra of TOURNIQUET, Jeff Lain of Ex-BETRAYAL, Jim LaVerde of BARREN CROSS, a lot of friends of 'Sanctuary Church' (a US-american protestant denomination with about 45.000 members at that time) actually and of course Pastor Bob Beeman. I won't ever forget the performances of VENGEANCE RISING (unfortunately without Roger), NEON CROSS and RECON (they even played some unknown songs)! One year later, I wasn't able to join the luckiest crowd on earth that join DELIVERANCE at Cornerstone Festival 2001. When I first listened to the live recording of that concert, I had tears in my eyes, just like two weeks ago when I listened to the song 'Hope lies beyond' from their new album 'HEAR WHAT I SAY'! I was so tired in the evening when I played the song. It was like being in trance. This song is just awesome!
I can really recommend this album to you! The best songs in my opinion as far as I can tell you right now (I haven't listened to the whole album, but I will do so tomorrow 12/24/13), are 'Nude' (great lyrics), 'Hope lies beyond' - for fans of 'River Disturbance' (1994) or 'Camelot in Smithereens' (1995) or even the song 'The Learned Man' of 'Assimilation' (2001), 'Detox' (actually the main song on 'Hear what I say') and the killer "The Annals of Subterfuge" (which reminds a bit of BELIEVERS 'Nonpoint' at 1.51 min. of 'Sanity Obscure').
I really hope to meet Jimmy personally one time. Maybe on a future possible concert in Europe, maybe in California, because I love California and the '1980ies' that had such an impact on me and I know that I will return one day." (12/23/13 Jan M. of